As the FineWoods™ line of hardwood shutters create the defining finishing touch to flatter any decor of your home. These shutters should be thought of as fine furniture, and are an investment in your home.

The FineWoods™ shutter is available in nine stock painted and stained finishes, with custom paint and stain finishes available options. Along with the vast choice of finishing choices, Finecraft® offers 3 louver sizes (2 1/2″, 3 1/2″ & 4 1/2″), 14 different choices of framing options (straight linears, L’s & Z’s), 4 different stile choices (straight linears, beaded finishes and consistent rabbitted) as well as 4 tilting options (centre tilt, off centre, FineView™ and motorized).

The defining characteristic however, is the construction and finish.  With state of the art equipment and stringent quality control the construction of all FineWoods™ shutters are incredibly strong and will last a lifetime.  As well, the finish, with its UV characteristics in addition to the Finecraft® baking process of each and every component the Grand Piano like finish is one to behold.