Finecraft® prides itself on providing customers with uniquely beautiful, high quality wood shutters. We guarantee that our products will be built with superior craftsmanship, extraordinary construction qualities, and a remarkable Grand Piano finish. With Finecraft’s advanced manufacturing technology, Finecraft shutters can be easily customized to fit the exact specifications of any window. All of our shutters are available with a multitude of options, so as to meet every customer’s specific needs.


To provide our customers with greater variety, Finecraft® offers a wide array of Specialty Shutters.

Though each of our Specialty Shutters is unique, they all possess the standard Finecraft® beauty and quality. Finecraft® is also capable of custom building extraordinary designs to coordinate with your most creatively architectured windows.

Our high tech manufacturing process enables us to design and manufacture custom shapes and sizes to fit any non-standard opening.

Finecraft’s experienced design staff will consult with clients in order to generate the best-looking, most functional shutters possible.


These state of the art shutters combine the elegance, beauty, and tradition of custom shutters with the modernization of motorization.

A hidden interior motor functioning through an elegant, battery operated remote control results in a chic, high class system that allows you to open and close your shutter louvers automatically.

This combination of beauty and technology is ideal for hard to reach windows, skylights, or simply for the convenience of motor operated shutters


Black AnticaAntica is the latest innovation in wood shutters. Using the latest technology, the Antica shutter is made from solid American Yellow Poplar and given a vintage, distressed and barn board effect.

The Antica shutters is available in all shutter option including FineView, motorization and in all paint and stain finishes.


Barless Shutters combine the tradition of custom shutters with the concept of clear sightlines. This innovative new product eliminates the need for the traditional centre or off center push rod by using a hidden joining technique. The result is that there is no obstruction whatsoever to hinder the view from your window. As such, while Finecraft® Fineview™ Shutters exhibit the beauty and attention to detail of all Finecraft® products, they also provide for maximum viewing potential.


Finecraft® is very pleased to announce our award winning Endoratti™ornamental trims on the FineWoods™ shutter.

These lovely accents are available in six different carvings and a multitude of colour options.

The Endoratti™ detail can be finished in the same colour or stain as the shutter itself, or be accented with a two tone effect.  In addition, we offer four different metalic colours ranging from Gold, Bronze, Silver and Stainless Steel.


Louvers California (2.5” wide),
Plantation (3.5” wide) or
Cosmopolitan (4.5″)

Push Rods
Five different tilting options to choose from: The center push rod, the off centre push rod, the rear facing push rod, FineView hidden or motorized system.

A variety of stile choices, including square profiles, molded profiles, and rabbitted profiles.

8 distinctive frame profiles to choose from. Choices include flat rectangular (5), molded L frames (3), and molded Z’s (2).

Adjustable Hanging Strips
An innovative product option which eliminates the need for framing, is quick and easy to install, and can be adjusted to fit any window.

Light Stops
A room darkening feature which surrounds the interior perimeter of the window to block out any unwanted light.

Sliding Shutter Panels
A state of the art by-passing system that allows any number of panels to by-pass one another for maximum utilization of room space. In addition, these panels help avoid unwanted sagging in oversized windows.

A beautiful selection of both mounting and butt hinges, made available in a selection of colors.


Finecraft is able to provide a wide array of finishing options, which include raw, select, primed, painted, stained, and computerized custom color and custom stain match finishes.  In many instances, we are even able to match specific, uncommon shades as required by our customers.